Emergency Lighting Systems in Edmonton to Keep Commercial Properties Safe

Do you have a proper exit strategy in place for your employees? Have you updated your exit signs? You may want to consider upgrading your exit signs and other emergency lighting system to adhere to new building code changes. Some of these changes required by the Alberta Fire Code include:

  • Green Running Man exit signs
  • All egress areas needing to be lit to a minimum of 10 lux at ground level

When it comes to keeping your employees safe, an emergency lighting system from Edmonton’s Advanced Fire Protection Services Ltd. is a must. We offer installation and maintenance and make sure all your annual inspections required by the Alberta Fire Code are up-to-date. Because batteries expire regularly, we provide all replacement batteries for battery packs including ballast type emergency lighting fixtures. We also install photoluminescent lighting to light up stairwells. With a proper exit strategy plan as well as an up-to-date emergency lighting system on your property, you ensure your business will be safe for everyone.

Prepare for Power Outages & Stay Safe

At Advanced Fire Protection Services Ltd., our professionals provide site assessment to assure a safe, lighted, exit strategy during power outages. There are many reasons why your normal lighting might fail and a power outage occurs. Weather is the biggest factor because high winds, lightning, freezing rain, flooding, or any other case of severe weather could damage your initial lighting. Other ways you could face power outages include equipment failure, trees coming into contact with power lines, or vehicle accidents. That’s why we offer maintenance and repair services on emergency lighting as well as exit signs, packs, and remote heads to ensure your property is prepared for anything.

Get in touch with Advanced Fire Protection Services Ltd. to request a consultation for your emergency lighting system in Edmonton and surrounding areas.